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Welcome to the Upper Hutt Cosmopolitan Club Incorporated

We’re dedicated to providing local funding to local communities. We share your passion and enthusiasm for amateur sport, education and various charitable community initiatives and we’re here to help.
Great care is taken to ensure funds granted are well used and for the authorised purpose and many local communities have already benefited from an Upper Hutt Cosmopolitan Club Incorporated grant.
The Upper Hutt Cosmopolitan Club Incorporated operates in accordance with the Gambling Act 2003 and is regulated by The Department of Internal Affairs.


Please read the following information:

Internet Browsers to use while applying: You may use any of the browsers listed below for making your application:
Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer 9 (or higher)
Criteria for applying: Before making your application, please review the criteria for being able to apply for a grant and the list of materials that requires uploading and all relevant information needed to complete your application. This is all contained in the FAQ's. To view, please click on the FAQ's in the application toolbar above.
Saving and leaving your application: You may leave your application at any stage, and by clicking the Save and Next Page button on any page, your application will be saved.
Re-entering your application: You may re-enter your application at any time using the return link that will be sent to you by email once you have entered your email details in the application.
Tracking your application: Once you have submitted your application, you may track its progress, add other users to your account, amend your details, and make more applications by using the applicant portal login at the top of the application tool bar above.
Confirmation of receipt: Once your application has been submitted, we will send you a confirmation email acknowledging receipt of the application and inform you when your application will be considered.

Types/Forms of ID required: For question(s) that request copies of ID from Signatories, please upload a copy of a signatories Driver's License or Passport so the signature is visible.



Grant Round Details

  • Applications Close off on the 20th of the month.
  • The Grants Sub-Committee generally meets on the last Thursday of the month.
  • Any application submitted after the closing date will not be considered until the next round of funding is open.



If you are a National Organisation that would like to apply, please enter the physical address (e.g. 55 Example Street, Upper Hutt, etc.) that you are based in or the project/activity location will affect should your grant


Let's get Started


You must CLICK on the COSSIE CLUB GRANT button below and commence your application. 

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First day of project/activity 

Last day of activity/project

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The fund offers grants under the following categories, please select yours:

Your application will be forwarded to the Upper Hutt Cosmopolitan Club Incorporated Office

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